RiVirtual’s PropTech Revolution: 100K Real Estate Pros in India

January 28, 2024
1 min read

RiVirtual, a leading FinTech and PropTech platform, has reached a major milestone with over 100,000 real estate professionals signing up in India. This achievement reflects the growing demand for real estate opportunities in the country and demonstrates the trust and confidence that professionals have in the platform. RiVirtual’s Real Estate Intelligence Platform offers a range of services and connects businesses with skilled professionals, regardless of their geographic location. The platform’s success is attributed to its commitment to quality, reliability, and seamless user experience. It offers advanced search filters, secure payment systems, and real-time communication tools to ensure an efficient collaboration between professionals and businesses. As the demand for real estate and home improvement work continues to grow, RiVirtual aims to expand its services and partnerships throughout India, contributing to the growth and transformation of the real estate industry in the country.

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