Trouble in middle school: Blame? Not just tech, say experts

January 29, 2024
1 min read


Readers of an article about the influence of technology on middle school students engaged in a discussion about the broader factors affecting today’s youth. One reader, an occupational therapist, highlighted the negative impact of continued device use on children’s development. They argued that technology not only causes social isolation but also affects motor skills and the ability to respond appropriately in social situations. Another reader suggested tech-free activities to engage kids and enhance problem-solving skills. Some readers emphasized the need for more physical spaces where teenagers can interact without screens to explore different interests and possibilities. The role of adults as positive role models also came under discussion, with one reader arguing that some parents and school staff exhibit negative behaviors that students mimic. Finally, several readers agreed that parents also need to put down their phones and spend more time engaging with their children to provide the love, attention, and guidance that technology cannot replace.

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