Andrews Police Department steps up security with new anti-theft technology.

February 17, 2024
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  • The Andrews Police Department has received new technology, the LPR system, to prevent car thieves by detecting stolen vehicles through license plate recognition.
  • The system has already helped recover stolen vehicles from Midland and Odessa, making the community safer and striking fear in potential car thieves.

The Andrews police department has implemented a new technology, the LPR system, to combat car theft in the city. This system can detect stolen vehicles by scanning license plates and their history, making it a game-changer in reducing car theft incidents. School resource officer Micah Smyth emphasized the effectiveness of the system in locating stolen vehicles, as it eliminates the need for manual plate checks and significantly enhances surveillance capabilities.

The LPR system features a wide lens that can scan car plates across four lanes, even in low light conditions. This advanced technology has already proven successful, as the Andrews police department has recovered stolen vehicles from neighboring cities like Midland and Odessa. Sergeant Chris Davis highlighted the system’s potential in deterring car thieves from targeting Andrews and assisting other agencies in vehicle recovery efforts.

Overall, the implementation of the LPR system has boosted community safety and instilled confidence in residents about leaving their vehicles unattended. With all police cars in Andrews now equipped with this technology, the department is optimistic about its ability to prevent car thefts and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies effectively.

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