Company revolutionizes waste management industry with game-changing energy technology. Just win

February 21, 2024
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  • GenHydro has developed a technology that turns metal waste into green hydrogen, with a pilot project in Pennsylvania.
  • The process is cost-effective, sustainable, and has potential to significantly impact the clean energy industry.

GenHydro has broken ground on a game-changing technology that repurposes metal waste to produce green hydrogen. The company’s GH-1 Reactor uses a chemical promoter, high heat, and pressure to free hydrogen gas from aluminum waste particles. Partnering with Evergreen Alumina, GenHydro aims to provide renewable electricity to Burle Business Park in Pennsylvania. The technology not only reduces waste but also produces clean energy, showcasing a win-win solution in sustainability.

The global potential of green hydrogen is significant, with experts believing it to be essential in limiting global temperature rise. Despite challenges in energy-intensive hydrogen separation, GenHydro’s technology promises to make green hydrogen widely accessible at a groundbreaking low cost. Partnering with companies like Green Fig Power Solutions, GenHydro aims to expand the use of its technology to various sites under development, contributing to the transition towards clean energy.

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