ALIO improves precision with innovative Hybrid Hexapod motion control technology.

February 23, 2024
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ALIO Aims to Improve Precision Motion Control Technology with Hybrid Hexapod


– ALIO Industries introduces the Hybrid Hexapod for improved precision motion control technology.

– The system offers nanometer-level performance across all six degrees of freedom.

ALIO Industries, a subsidiary of Allient, has unveiled its latest innovation in precision motion control technology, the Hybrid Hexapod. This new system boasts a 6D motion capability, crucial for applications that require extreme flatness, straightness, and stiffness in motion, such as machining and bonding.

The Hybrid Hexapod is designed to provide nanometer-level performance across all six degrees of freedom (6DOF), offering unprecedented precision. By combining a tripod parallel kinematics structure for Z plane and tip/tilt motion with a monolithic serial kinematic structure for XY motion and a rotary stage for continuous 360-degree yaw rotation, the system ensures high-integrity motion with exceptional accuracy.

According to Bill Hennessey, president of ALIO Industries, the Hybrid Hexapod empowers industry giants in various sectors like optics, semiconductors, manufacturing, metrology, laser processing, and micromachining, enabling achievements that were once deemed unattainable. The system’s unique design mitigates motion errors typically associated with traditional hexapods, ensuring optimal accuracy even during complex, multi-axis movements.

The technology is particularly crucial for applications where absolute precision is essential, such as in the production of 4K lenses. The Hybrid Hexapod guarantees exact alignment and repeatability, essential factors in industries with minimal margin for error.

Overall, the Hybrid Hexapod from ALIO Industries is not just about improving stiffness, speed, and work envelope compared to standard options; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in precision motion control technology.

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