Data and tech revolutionize diamond buying in jewelry industry.

February 26, 2024
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Article Summary


  • Liquid Diamonds disrupts the diamond buying experience through data and technology
  • Case studies show time efficiencies and cost savings for customers

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NEW YORK – Liquid Diamonds, a business-to-business diamond sourcing platform, is revolutionizing the jewelry industry by utilizing data and technology. The platform offers price transparency and liquidity to diamonds, streamlining the buying process for both buyers and sellers. Through case studies, the platform has shown time efficiencies and cost savings for a range of customers, providing a glimpse into how technology can drive benefits in the industry.

One key case study highlighted in the article is the success story of Jewelex, a company looking to streamline its buying process to fulfill orders for a big box retailer. By leveraging Liquid Diamond’s patented reverse auction technology, Jewelex was able to access a broader range of suppliers and secure the best prices in a cohesive space. This approach eliminated the need for a large inventory and allowed them to source specific diamonds efficiently.

Another case study focuses on Belgium Diamonds, where small to medium-sized businesses face challenges in accessing volume discounts from diamond manufacturers. Through Liquid Diamonds’ group deal initiative, multiple diamond wholesalers were able to pool their purchases and access volume discounts that would have been unattainable individually. This solution helped reduce costs and improve purchasing power for these businesses.

Overall, Liquid Diamonds aims to create a future of ultimate price transparency in the diamond industry, benefiting individual companies and the industry as a whole. By incorporating data and technology, the platform is disrupting the traditional diamond buying experience and driving positive outcomes for its users.

About Liquid Diamonds: Liquid Diamonds is a NYC-based technology startup in the diamond industry that offers a B2B sourcing platform for diamond and jewelry businesses. Their mission is to bring price transparency and liquidity to diamonds, enabling buyers to purchase quickly and easily at fair market value while allowing suppliers to liquidate their inventory instantly. More information can be found on their website at

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