Samsung leads 6G technology by joining global AI-RAN alliance.

February 26, 2024
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  • Samsung Electronics has joined the AI-RAN alliance with other global tech giants to research 6G technology.
  • The alliance aims to create an ecosystem through the convergence of artificial intelligence and wireless communication technologies.

Samsung joins global AI-RAN alliance to lead 6G technology

Samsung Electronics announced its partnership with nine other global tech giants and Boston’s Northeastern University to form the AI-RAN alliance at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. The alliance is focused on researching sixth-generation technology and creating an ecosystem by combining artificial intelligence and wireless communication technologies.

The AI-RAN alliance, with founding members including Nvidia, Arm, SoftBank, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile USA, DeepSig, and Boston’s Northeastern University, is divided into three working groups to conduct technological research. Samsung has expressed its commitment to participating in all three working groups.

The alliance’s research activities are expected to contribute significantly to the standardization and commercialization of 6G technology in the future. Samsung, as a member of the alliance, plans to lead the research in 6G technology and expand the ecosystem to drive service innovation and enhance communication network efficiency.

In addition to joining the AI-RAN alliance, Samsung established the Advanced Communications Research Center to spearhead the development of next-generation communication technology. The company has been actively involved in research and development initiatives to strengthen its competitiveness in the evolving communication market.

Overall, Samsung’s participation in the AI-RAN alliance underscores its commitment to advancing technology and leading the way in the development of 6G technology through innovative research and collaboration with industry partners.

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