PAR Tech (NYSE:PAR) drops yearly earnings. Analysts’ take on stock?

March 1, 2024
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PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR) recently reported its yearly earnings, which were met with mixed reactions. While revenues were in line with analyst forecasts, losses were higher than expected. Analysts have mixed opinions on the stock, with revenue growth expected to slow down but still outperforming the industry. The consensus price target remains the same, indicating that the stock is performing as expected. Analysts are split on the stock’s future, with a narrow range of estimates suggesting some predictability in outcomes.

Article Summary:

PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR) recently released its yearly earnings, causing a 5.5% drop in share price. While revenues met expectations at US$416m, losses of US$2.53 per share were higher than analyst forecasts. Analysts predict a revenue increase of 8.4% in 2024, with losses narrowing to US$2.18 per share. Despite the mixed opinions, the consensus price target remains at US$48.29, with a narrow range of estimates indicating predictability in outcomes.

Analysts expect PAR Technology to continue growing revenue faster than the industry average, despite a slowdown in growth compared to previous years. The focus remains on the company’s long-term trajectory rather than short-term losses. While the stock’s future is uncertain, analysts’ sentiments are broadly aligned with expectations, suggesting that the business is on track performance-wise.

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