Houston’s data center upgrades for sustainability.

March 15, 2024
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  • DUG Technology has upgraded its Houston data center with sustainability in mind, doubling its computing power.
  • The company invested in new AMD EPYCTM Genoa servers and Intel Xeon CPU Max Series machines for enhanced performance.

An Australia-based company, DUG Technology, has announced significant upgrades to its Houston data center, aimed at increasing high performance computing capabilities while prioritizing sustainability. The company invested in 1500 new AMD EPYCTM Genoa servers, each with 192 cores and 1.5 terabytes of DDR5 memory, as well as 600 new Intel Xeon CPU Max Series machines with 128 cores and one terabyte of RAM. These upgrades have more than doubled the effective horsepower of DUG’s Houston data center, positioning them as a leader in data center technology innovations. DUG initially selected Skybox Datacenters in Houston to house its supercomputer, Bubba, due to the area’s low cost of power and available infrastructure. This upgrade aligns with DUG’s commitment to sustainable technology and their efforts to meet the increasing demand for high performance computing capabilities.

The hardware upgrades were celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by government officials, highlighting the significance of the investment in the Houston data center. The new AMD and Intel machines are expected to enhance DUG’s current projects and support future demands for their innovative technologies. The company’s focus on green technology and energy transition is evident in their choice of equipment and commitment to delivering advanced imaging solutions for seismic data processing.

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