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January 30, 2024
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Seattle-based startup Statsig has made a prominent entrance into San Francisco, establishing itself as a key player in revolutionizing how businesses use data to develop products. Founded in 2021 by former Facebook engineers, Statsig offers advanced feature flagging tools, automated A/B testing, and integrated product analytics to companies of all sizes. The company’s integrated toolkit aims to democratize access to world-class product development tools and help companies build a culture of experimentation. Statsig counts Atlassian, Notion, OfferUp, and WhatNot among its customers, and its brand takeover in San Francisco is expected to transform the tech development landscape.

Statsig was created by CEO and Founder Vijaye Raji, who spent over two decades at Microsoft and Facebook and saw firsthand the power of experimentation and feature management tools for fostering rapid innovation. Raji found that existing solutions were too complex and expensive for most companies, leading him to build Statsig as an affordable, self-serve platform that provides the capabilities of big tech companies without limitation.

Statsig has adopted a balanced approach to advertising, combining high-tech strategies with offline engagement to connect with customers. The company aims to set new industry standards and change the game rather than just capturing the market. It envisions itself as a worldwide solution and aims to reach customers beyond digital platforms.

Statsig’s entrance into San Francisco comes at a time when the city is known for its competitive billboard brand plays. Big tech companies have invested in out-of-home advertising, recognizing the value of engaging with customers offline. Statsig’s growth and innovation highlight its goal of democratizing the tools of big tech for businesses of all sizes.

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