Northeast Science and Technology Center: Unveiling the Future of Innovation

February 14, 2024
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TLDR: Onyx Equities and Machine Investment Group have partnered with Outshine Properties to launch the next phase of development for the Northeast Science and Technology Center (NEST) campus, formerly owned by Merck. The 100+ acre campus already features a range of state-of-the-art facilities and will be renovated to further serve as a hub for life science and biotechnology companies. The campus offers specialized spaces for cutting-edge research, robust utility infrastructure, and opportunities for artificial intelligence technology integration.

The NEST campus, located in the US, is being transformed into an international life science and biotechnology hub, following the purchase of the property from Merck in 2023. Onyx Equities, along with Machine Investment Group and Outshine Properties, are partnering to renovate and lease the expansive campus, which already boasts 2 million square feet of facilities, including laboratories, biomanufacturing facilities, and office space. In addition, the campus offers 30 acres of redevelopment opportunities.

The NEST campus is expected to become the center of the biotech world, particularly for life science tenants engaged in cutting-edge research such as cell, gene, and immunotherapy. The campus provides a specialized environment that can meet the unique requirements of these companies. The utility infrastructure on the campus is also capable of supporting advanced data storage and processing, allowing organizations to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence for their research and development.

The initial phase of renovations will focus on the 280,000-square-foot pilot research and development plant, referred to as 11 NEST, which will cater to the needs of life science companies, particularly those involved in biomanufacturing. In the coming year, the campus will host its first life science conference in collaboration with Bisnow, bringing together experts in the field to discuss innovation within the industry.

Original Source: BioSpectrum

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