Track animal moves; planet-saving mission.

February 22, 2024
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  • Researchers are getting closer to monitoring 100,000 creatures to track animal movement.
  • Animal movement data can reveal hidden facets of our shared world and help in efforts to protect marine ecosystems and mitigate climate change.


Researchers have been working towards creating an Internet of Animals to monitor the movement of creatures around the world. By tagging animals with sensors and tracking their movements, scientists have been able to uncover hidden aspects of our planet. For example, by attaching 360-degree cameras to tiger sharks, researchers discovered vast seagrass meadows previously unknown to science. These discoveries have important implications for protecting marine ecosystems and combating climate change, as seagrasses can capture carbon faster than tropical rainforests.

The ICARUS project, led by Martin Wikelski, aims to track animal movements using lightweight GPS sensors worn by animals as small as songbirds and fish. Through these tracking systems, researchers hope to gain insights into how different species adapt to environmental changes. The project has faced challenges, but advancements in tracking technologies and support from organizations like NASA have helped propel the initiative forward.

The potential benefits of an Internet of Animals system are significant, allowing for real-time tracking of animals across the globe and providing insights that can help prevent disasters, predict climate patterns, and conserve biodiversity. While there are still challenges to overcome, the effort to monitor animal movement may ultimately help us better understand the world we share with all living creatures.


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