The mystery of methane emissions.

March 14, 2024
1 min read


  • Methane emissions are underestimated and still a mystery.
  • Tracking methane is challenging due to various sources and sinks.


Scientists continue to struggle with tracking methane emissions, the second most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere responsible for around 30% of global warming. While methane breaks down quickly, it is a potent greenhouse gas. The challenge lies in pinpointing specific sources of methane emissions, especially in the oil and gas industry.

A ray of hope comes from tools like satellites and planes, which are being used to track down methane leaks. These technologies provide valuable data to understand and estimate total emissions better. A recent study found that methane emissions from oil and gas production were significantly higher than official estimates, emphasizing the need for more accurate tracking methods.

Tracking methane emissions is like solving a puzzle, where various tools and technologies need to be integrated to get a complete picture. With the introduction of methane-hunting satellites like MethaneSAT, researchers are gaining more insights into methane emissions. This understanding is crucial for governments worldwide as they strive to meet targets for slashing methane emissions.

Overall, the mystery of methane emissions continues to challenge scientists, but advancements in tracking technologies offer hope for a clearer understanding and better management of this potent greenhouse gas.

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