Discover Trimble’s cutting-edge Bilberry Smart Spraying System for retrofit enthusiasts.

March 15, 2024
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  • Trimble has launched a new smart spraying system called Bilberry
  • Bilberry embodies a retrofit-first mindset, allowing farmers to upgrade existing equipment

Trimble, a leading provider of advanced location-based solutions, has recently introduced their latest innovation in precision agriculture technology – the Bilberry Smart Spraying System. The Bilberry system is designed with a retrofit-first mindset, making it easy for farmers to upgrade their existing spraying equipment with smart capabilities.

The key feature of the Bilberry system is its ability to accurately apply chemicals only where needed, reducing waste and environmental impact. By using real-time data and advanced analytics, the system can adjust spraying levels based on crop health and specific field conditions.

With Bilberry, farmers can also benefit from improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. The system allows for automated section control, variable rate application, and remote monitoring capabilities. This helps farmers optimize their spraying operations, leading to increased yields and profitability.

Another important aspect of the Bilberry system is its ease of use and integration with existing farm management software. Farmers can easily set up and calibrate the system, as well as monitor and analyze spraying data in real-time. This seamless integration helps streamline farm operations and decision-making processes.

Overall, Trimble’s Bilberry Smart Spraying System represents a significant advancement in precision agriculture technology. By embracing a retrofit-first mindset, Trimble is making it easier and more cost-effective for farmers to adopt smart spraying technology and improve their farming practices.

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