Three SGTC Diesel Tech students awarded Caterpillar Excellence Scholarships receiving acclaim.

March 15, 2024
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Three students in the Diesel Equipment Technology program at South Georgia Technical College were awarded Caterpillar Excellence Scholarships in recognition of their hard work, work ethics, and grade point averages. The students expressed their gratitude to Caterpillar and SGTC for the scholarships, which will help them purchase tools for their careers. These students are already working in the field and excelling in the program. The estimated starting pay for entry-level diesel technicians is around $46,000 per year, with a growing job outlook.

Three South Georgia Technical College Diesel Technology students, Ja’Ron Davis, Cole White, and Caleb Howard, were awarded the Caterpillar Excellence Scholarships.

Each student shared their journey to SGTC, highlighting their passion for diesel mechanics and the support they have received from instructors and employers. The scholarships will help them kick-start their careers with the necessary tools and knowledge.

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